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Professional Celebrant

Certificate in Celebrant Studies

Tutor, The Celebrant School of New Zealand


There’s no magic in magic – it’s all in the details
(Walt Disney)


You’ve found the right celebrant for you!

It’s such a privilege to be the “official storyteller and knot tie-er” for two people in love… keeping them calm, making them laugh, slipping them tissues before the tears fall, evoking the right emotions and setting the perfect tone for the rest of the wedding celebration.

Every couple I work with receives a bespoke, personal and beautifully written ceremony, which perfectly reflects what their love, and marriage, means to them.

My role is so much more than just sealing the deal with the legal paperwork, (although, as a former lawyer, I’m on point with that too!) On the big day, I am connected, professional and assured – with the requisite 360 degree vision to ensure absolutely everything goes to plan.

I’ve conducted over 140 marriage ceremonies in the past six years.

I have a particular affinity to couples with children, or those who are “second time around”; couples for whom cultural values and traditions are important, and those those who seek a polished, sincere, contemporary ceremony delivered with a splash of humour.

A memorable ceremony is all about the details.

It’s about feelings, personalised storytelling, and heartfelt connection.

So if you, or someone you know, is searching for the right celebrant to deliver that magic – please get in touch!


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