It’s not about me…

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The first rule of celebrant work is, “it’s not about me”. Your marriage ceremony is very much all about you. Your stories, your love, your wishes, your words. Having said that, it is my connection to you which makes all the difference in ensuring that your ceremony is perfect. That connection is made when we first sit down to talk. … Read More

“I got you, babies…”

Ceremonies in which children participate are wonderful. I’m not talking about the angst some couples have re: how to word their invitations to diplomatically exclude children from the guest list. I AM talking about actively and lovingly INCLUDING your children in your ceremony. Whether they are residing in the bump under your wedding gown, or they are your energetic toddlers, … Read More

ˈspɪrɪt/ (n), beauty and style

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Last weekend, I exhibited at the Grand Wedding Show at Sky City, Auckland. It was a chance for potential clients to meet me, and a wonderful opportunity for me to discover what brides-and-grooms-to-be want in their ceremonies. Just as every couple is so different, so is every celebrant. Each of us comes to the profession with different values, life experience … Read More

By the power vested in me…

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Remember the line in movies when the dashing hero marries his princess bride? The celebrant says something flamboyant and portentious along the lines of “By the power vested in me by the State of [insert fave town] I now declare you legally married!”… followed by a romantic dip kiss and fountains of rose petals and cheering and happily ever afters. … Read More

Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight…

“All electronic devices must now be switched off…” We are used to hearing this phrase on a plane, or when attending live theatre. Now, it is becoming common at wedding ceremonies too. So what’s the buzz about so-called “Unplugged Weddings”? In these days of technology and social media, where tweets, posts, tags and shares can go viral in a matter … Read More

The Personal Touch – creating a ceremony that’s uniquely yours

For many couples, the beauty of a contemporary marriage ceremony with an independent (non religious) celebrant is that there is no set “script” and therefore you can personalise it as much as you wish. Some couples may write everything – their love story, their vows, their blessings, and simply ask the celebrant to present what they have written and officiate … Read More

If music be the food of love, play on…

Music speaks to the heart in a way words alone can not. There are three key moments in your wedding ceremony where music can help set the tone (and tug on the heartstrings): arrival of the bride, signing of the Marriage Licence, exit of the newly married couple at the end of the ceremony. There are a wealth of websites, … Read More

We’re engaged! Now what?

Don’t lose sight of the key legal components of your wedding day! You can have the most gorgeous of everything in the world organised for your dream day, but you won’t be married without: A registered celebrant A Marriage Licence A single legally required sentence spoken during your ceremony The following “top tip” should be in 36 font, bold, underlined, … Read More

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