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Wedding Tips for the PM??

In recent weeks, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford announced their engagement. There followed a flurry of rapidly scrambled (and in some cases poorly sub-edited) op-ed pieces published on “the socials” and hard copy local rags. Where did he pop the question? Did her bodyguard notice? Where would they tie the knot? What would she wear? Who would make the A-list? What flavour would their cake be? (Face palm).

I came across one such piece in the NZ Herald, and it stopped me in my tracks – not because the “tips for the PM” which it purported to share were in any way particularly original; not because they came from a place of irrelevant conservative tradition which jars with everything we know about our liberal, feminist, contemporary and downright awesome PM, but because – yet again – here was a missed opportunity to promote celebrants, and ceremony. Not for the first time, an advertorial opinion with wed-biz soundbites highlighted pretty much everything but.

So, I wrote this. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Felix Gertz

Warmest congratulations to @jacindaardern and @clarkegayford on your engagement! Reading this piece in today’s @nzherald I couldn’t help notice a glaring omission (kind of like the actual headline missing from an article about your engagement on page 3 yesterday).
Because you are intelligent, eloquent, and real, I’m guessing you already know that a wedding (and especially a marriage) is #notaboutthedress.

Hell, you can wear your best fishing shorts and jandals to your ceremony and I’d help you tie the knot (see what I did there 🐟).

The 🍰, the 💒 , and the 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 make for a good party, but without a celebrant, and a ceremony, that’s all it’s gonna be.

As a #professionalcelebrant who also happens to live pretty much in your ‘hood, I came up with a few extra hot tips you might find handy:

1. MMP stands for @melsceremonies, magic, and personal. It doesn’t matter who says or does what – but it absolutely matters how your celebrant makes you feel. ❤️

2. Your Labour of love is National news, and whoever you choose for your special day will make others Green with envy – but YOU come First! Your ceremony is all about you, about aroha, and about whanau. ❤️

3. At Question Time, you call the shots. Celebrants don’t ask about giving away, having to obey, or checking it’s okay. ❤️

4. Your guests can cross the floor. Your mum will see your gorgeous face better if she is seated diagonally opposite you. But if you want to seat everyone in a spiral koru that’s totally cool and on point too. ❤️

5. The Speaker (aka your celebrant) should #tellallthestories weaving your memories, culture and values into a ceremony unique to you. Guests should believe your celebrant took time to get to know you well (and not just ‘cos you’re sometimes on the telly). ❤️

6. Let’s Do This! Pretty much anything goes when you say your “I do’s” – if that means cuddling Neve mid love-story, making promises involving fish, or dancing with jazz hands down the aisle while your DJ cranks up the exit song, then just go for it! ❤️

Wishing you love, laughter and joy as you prepare for the rest of your lives together.

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